Waiting for my flight & playing Clash Royale game

Today, I went early to the airport to catch my flight and avoid traffic. I got there about eight hours before departure and I have started browsing on my laptop to pass my time. I have downloaded bracket, a program that simulates android phone so I can play my favorite games on android. I was looking for similar games to clash of clan. And I have found a new hit game called Clash royal from supercell.


I was really amazed and I have started playing it. It is very similar to previous supercell hit game clash of clans but it this game had a lot of new features that just blow my mind. I was super excited to start playing it. Slowly I have learned the basics of this game and step by step I was becoming a really good clash royale gamer. But I had trouble collecting gems and gold at first. And don’t let me start about those chests. I have read about Super magical chest but no way that you could get one in clash royale. That is why I have decided to search some cheats because if I don’t succeed at something quickly I get bored with it and stop playing it.


I was goggling all kinds of tips and tricks about this game but no success. Then I decided it is time to start cheating. Half hour later I have found this free online generator, a great hacking tool that actually works. It was great. I got a lot of free gems and gold and the most importantly I got a super magical chest that was amazing. I got a half a million gems from this chest. I was really happy.  I ranked so high using my hacking software and soon my flight was departing.  I have advanced in the last hour with the help of my hacking generator gem than in the previous six hours playing clash royale without any cheats.


On my whole flight to New York I have played this game and I advanced really high. I generated about five million free gems, ten million gold coins and about 3 super magical chests that got me a whooping one and a half million gems. When I finally arrived to my destination I was the best on my Google friend list.  A lot of my friends asked me how did I ranked up so high in just couple of hours. I said to them that I used this amazing online gem generator that works and I shared my experience with this hacking software.

Lots of my friends decided to try this hack for Clash royale and they loved it. So being a good sport that I am I have decided to write this story and share my success with you clash royale gamers. So if you love playing this game and you don’t have a lot of free time like me and you want to advance fast and rank up really high you should definitely try out this online generator and hack clash royale to get a lot of free gems, coins and couple of magical chest. I am going to my flight now guys and all of you clash royale gamers use this hack tool and start dominating. Good luck to everybody.

My little brother is crazy about it – Ourworld PC game

Last few days, my little brother is all God day playing some browser game called OurWord. I did not understand how he can play that game and what is so funny and interesting when he is playing that.

When I asked him “Jo, are you crazy? How can you play that game all day?” he said me “Shut up faggot, go and play, and you will se”. I was asking my self, where are parents of this kid, because he is rude, then I got on my mind that he is my brother and I got disappointed because he is not under control of our parents! Then I told him that I will tell him to our parents, because he is sick, rude and he can get lose his eye sight because of computers.

Here is review of ourworld game that my friend made so I hope you will enjoy!

Then I went with my friend Anderw outside, to play basketball and hang out with some girls. It was great,  we played like 5 games, and he won 3 times. He was a lucky. I’m just kidding, he is a little bit a better then me, but okey. While we were playing, those girls, they are too hot, were watching us and I was not shamed, because result is pretty okay. After that, we went in some bar to drink something and we chat with them. Anderw pick one girl and  they went somewhere, I do not know, but I left alone with that pretty girl called Sasha. That was our third time, I think, that we are seeing each other and I was exiting what will happened, will I got her or not. I will not tell you every single part of that, but on the end we hooked up! Yeah, now I am a serious man with a girlfriend.

When I came home, my parents were in kitchen, they were making a dinner and I asked them “Where is a little Jo?” and they told me that he is in his room and that we need to be in dining room for a fiftheen minutes. When I jumped in the room, guess what? Little Jo was still playing a OurWorld. Then I told that he have to log out, because we need to eat for a fiftheen minutes and that I want to try a playing that game.

ourworld gameplay picture

I have created my account and started with playing. After few minutes I got a message from my girlfriend where she is asking me what I am doing and I told here what really I am doing. Then she asked me what game is about and I told here, after three seconds she is responding me that she is playing that game too and that she can not belive in that. Then I found here there and we played together. We went in some bar, like in real life – very weird – and we hooked up there too. Then I wrote to her something there and she respond to me with a little gift. I was kind a surprised and my little brother started to joking with me “Oh, you have a girlfriend, you have a girlfriend” and those kind of a jokes related for a kids.

I have played this game for a few minutes and then we had to eat, so I stopped and I kissed my girlfriend in game and little Jo said to me that he will say me to our parents, then I told him if he do that, I will tell them how long he is playing this game.  So, yeah, I can not belive how many people is playing OurWorld GemCodes game and how much is popular. If you like browsers games and games like this, you should give it a try and start with playing, maybe you can find a girlfriend too, or a boyfriend if you are a lady. On the end if you decide to play ourworld game you should really go ahead and check ourworld cheats. Ourworld cheats are great ways to get free gems and gold but I do need to warn you that creators of this game are against these free generators simple because they want to sell as many gems as possible and ourworld gem codes generators really makes that a lot harder! But if you like hacks there is no reason that you don’t try this ourworld hack. It is free after all!